Speed Rail Outdoor Display

Speed Rail displays are excellent for outdoor applications where signage needs to be swapped/changed/edited frequently. The graphics are printed on a full color vinyl banner, the aluminum frame fittings release with an Allen wrench set screw, making it very economical and fast to change graphics.

The PVC footings are permanently anchored in the ground. The aluminum frame drops into the PVC footings. This feature makes the sign semi-permanent. It is very easy to remove the display, leaving the PVC footings still in the ground. This makes it a perfect application for portable churches that need to set-up and tear-down signage every week.

Speed Rail Sch 40 1.5" Alum Frame and Pole Pocket Banner. Up to 120 inches wide and 96 inches tall.

Note: We can anodize the aluminum black (as shown in the photos below) but there is a minimum quantity required and an up-charge for the anodizing.

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