Our custom wallpaper is printed full color and can be installed by a professional wallpaper installation company or reliable handyman. The actual installation is just the same as installing any other pasted wallpaper. It requires the same skills for aligning the seams and creating double cuts at those seams. The mounting supplies needed are also standard to a typical wallpaper job.


Custom contour cut stand-off characters can be installed easily to create 3D depth from 2D rigid prints. We use French cleats to secure the characters and stand them off from the wall. Our paper templates make it easy to line up, drill holes, and install to the desired position on your wall.

The following link will give you detailed instructions on how to install a stand-off with the paper templates we provide. https://youtu.be/X5pE45Dsx4I

3D Props

Our 3D props are custom cut out of polystyrene foam and then hard coated with polyurea (bedliner). The end result is something very lightweight and extremely durable. You can create a focal point in your room or draw attention to a check-in area with a large 3D prop.

Wayfinding and Door Signs

Everybody loves wayfinding signs because they are so very helpful. And they are most important in helping your first-time guests find there way around campus. At group imaging we try to help you identify these areas that would most benefit from directional signage. From simple adhesive wall decals to complex 3D objects, we can help your guests find their way regardless of your budget.

Videos of Theming Projects
How to begin
How much is theming?

BALLPARK PRICING:  You’re looking at roughly $14-16 per sqft for wallpaper (including printing, design and install). The average size standoff characters run around the $125 price each (self-installed & we guide you through that process https://youtu.be/X5pE45Dsx4I). Anything 3D would have a range of price from $500 - $10,000 or more.  

How do I get started?

Looking for a quick estimate to see if theming is right for you? Email us at theme@groupimaging.com or give us a call at 1-800-556-7222. We recommend you take some measurements of the walls that you are interested in theming, that way we can get a feel for the scope of the project.

How do I get a more accurate quote?

We know your time and money is valuable! Giving you as close of an estimate as possible before you commit is important to us. For us to give an accurate quote we must see the space first. A video is the best low-cost way of doing this. To get an accurate quote we ask that you shoot a video of your space providing measurements and talking about all your theming hopes and dreams.

What do I include in the walkthrough video?

It is helpful to have 3 people help; one for holding the camera phone, another person to be the main speaker talking about all the fun stuff and the 3rd person to help do the measurements of your walls, doors, windows, etc. as you walk the space.

It is also important to use a wide-angle lens, especially in narrow hallways. Here is a link to an inexpensive wide-angle lens for phones: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074VMQ5Z2

Remember to move slowly and pause at each scene. Also, pan around the room and get shots from far away so we can see the environment. If you have floor plans with dimensions we will want those as well. Let us know the texture of your walls…are they block, smooth drywall or textured drywall (wallpaper needs to go up onto a smooth wall).

We will then take that video and break it out by section and start building a quote for your review. These are not exact measurements and may not yet include all items that you will end up wanting. Understand this is a ballpark estimate to get the ball rolling so you have an idea what you're looking at cost wise.

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