After Your Initial Estimate:
The following typically applies to our larger theming jobs.
Commitment Phase
--- $2500 Deposit ---

You've decided to move forward! This is where we schedule a date to come out to visit you at your location for a day.  The $2500 deposit is non-refundable once the trip has been scheduled. The $1000 of that will go towards your initial sketches from our graphic artist and then $1500 goes towards travel expenses.

Measure at Location

We will do a video walk-through with you of your building in the areas where you're wanting to do the theming. This is a fun and exciting day! We will walk the space with you and talk to you about all the things you have been dreaming of the space becoming. We will share ideas and get the full picture of what you're wanting to accomplish.

Phase I Art: Initial Design Sketches
--- 1st 30 percent deposit ---

Our graphic team will begin working on the sketches and communicating with you regularly through this phase to nail down the look you're going for. A proposal will be created including sketches and renderings of your space. If you like what we propose, then it is time to sign a contract and 1st 30% deposit would be due at this time.

Phase II Art

This is where we take the approved sketches and renderings to begin forming it into a more finished product for you. This phase will include more full color designs and renderings to show you the more complete picture. You may have some more revisions in this stage that we will be updating and proofing back and forth to you.

Phase III Art

Now we're almost to the finish line with the artwork. Here is where you will see the final version of the art and renderings of your space. Any last changes or requests would take place here.  

Art Approval
--- 2nd 30 percent deposit ---

This is an exciting time because now you're through the main part of the project and we begin setting up your artwork for print. The 2nd 30% deposit would happen at this stage.

Printing Phase

This is all behind the scenes stuff where we get to start working on printing, building and manufacturing of all your amazing artwork.  

--- 3rd 30 percent deposit ---

Everything is complete and ready to be shipped out to you. The 3rd 30% deposit is due at this time. 

Schedule Install

We will contact you to schedule the installation of your wallpaper and other products if install is needed.


Now you REALLY get to see things happening. The install phase is a very exciting time as you get to see everything coming together.

--- 10% Final Payment ---

This very creative and fun project has come to an end and now you get to enjoy every part of it! Once the install is complete and you are pleased with the end result, the final 10% payment is due.

Ready to get started?

Email us at or give us a call at 1-800-556-7222. We recommend you take some measurements of the walls that you are interested in theming, that way we can get a feel for the scope of the project.