Welcome Display

Welcome Display Kit includes:

  • (1) 4'x8' Angle Pillowkase Display
  • (1) 2'x8' Pillowkase Display
  • (1) S-Clip for joining displays
  • (3) 6"x24" Oval bases for display

Custom printed on polyester wrinkle resistant fabric. Manufactured with a lightweight aluminum frame and durable aluminum bases. The printed fabric slides over the aluminum frame and zips shut at the bottom creating an impressive display. The fabric is machine washable and does not need ironing. All hardware is backed by Group Imaging’s 100% lifetime guarantee.

Optional add-ons include a set of 3 placards, a printed podium storage case, and/or padded bags.

PillowKase tension fabric displays are a great portable solution for either a large or small area. The sturdy 1.25” to 2” aluminum frame and tension cloth graphic system allow you to setup and travel with a high quality display in a small package.

The cloth graphics are made into two halves, one for the front and for the back. The two halves are sewn together like a pillowKase and have a zipper along the bottom at the opening. The graphic is slipped over the aluminum frame and zipped closed to create a stunning display. No poles or display hardware is visible from the front or back with the exception of the bases.

Call Or Email to Order:

Phone Orders: 1-800-556-7222.