About Group Imaging

Owners Jeff and Charlotte Burris operate Group Imaging with a philosophy that asks, “How would we want to be treated as a customer?” Incorporated in 1996, Group Imaging has grown consistently over the last 20 plus years into a company that services clients all over the US and Canada. Yet, the down home, take good care of the customer perspective still drives everything we do.

Many of our clients are churches, non-profit ministries, colleges and missions organizations. Jeff and Charlotte spent 10 years as ministers in local churches. They understand the unique environment these entities work in. Because of this background, Group Imaging offers products that service just about any size church and any size budget. We care about your message and want to help you get that message to as many people as possible. We work with you to “Make Your Message Stand Out!”

Group Imaging began as a photo lab in the mid 1990's producing 8x10 group photos for 200 plus youth camps nation wide, printing almost 200,000 8x10 photos each summer. While we still print camp photos, Group Imaging has become so much more. Today we offer wide format graphic printing, design and in-house fabrication of displays, signs, banners, screen-printing, stands and exhibits. We print on vinyl, cloth, as well as rigid wood and plastic substrates. One of our specialties is using dye sublimation to print on cloth. From poplin to spandex, felt to fleece, dye sublimation becomes so colorfast you can machine wash and not worry about wrinkles. And with our love of “custom,” Group Imaging can make almost any kind of hardware to display these cloth graphics.

Group Imaging focuses on customer service. Whether it is honoring our 100% lifetime hardware guarantee or working with your very unique needs, we love to know that you are completely satisfied and happy doing business with us. We work overtime to get it right for you!

Why Purchase from Group Imaging?

• We take great pride in our customer service. We want you to be satisfied and happy with your order.

• We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all the hardware we make. You don’t have to worry if we will stand behind our products. WE WILL!

• We love custom! Let us know your needs and we will do everything possible to make it happen.

• We have unique product selections! Several of our hardware components are patented. No one else can offer what we do.

• We have simple on-line ordering.

• We offer volume discounts!

• We have incredible turn-around margins.

• We ship quickly. Being located close to Phoenix, we have access to shipping hubs that get your product to you quickly.

• We work with you! We don’t pre-manufacture products and then try to push you to buy them.

Group Imaging Manufacturing

Our offices and manufacturing facility is located in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. This means we are able to ship quickly and efficiently throughout the United States and Canada.

With 20,000 square feet of office and production area (15,000 for manufacturing) we have the ability to offer a wide variety of printing and graphic formats. Almost every piece of hardware we use is made in house. Because of this we can offer our 100% Lifetime Guarantee and positively say we are a “Made in America” company.