Stage Backdrops / Cloth Banners

We use a Dye-Sublimation process for our backdrops making great colorfast graphics for cloth. Our low-glare panels are printed approximately 120” wide by the height of your display area. Using a fabric fusing process to join each panel allows for precise and accurate alignment on larger backdrops. We can produce tiled panels up to 20, 30 feet width and beyond by any height you need. Seaming these panels makes them virtually invisible.

Example: a 40x20ft backdrop would be made from 4 panels 10ft wide x 20ft tall and the finished full color graphic would have three vertical seams 10ft apart.

Available in 5.7oz Knit or 7.1oz Poly Duck Fabric. These are banners that do not have stand hardware, only hanging by either pole pockets or cloth clips. To order a cloth display with hardware to make it freestanding please see Cloth Foldup or Pillowkase Displays. 

Knit fabric stretches in one direction and can be folded. Knit can be used for banners up to 120" in one dimension.

Poly Duck is a stiffer fabric with more texture and no stretch, it should not be folded only rolled. Poly Duck can only be used for banners up to 58" in one dimension. 

Both are machine washable 100% polyester fabrics. The price is the same for both materials.

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