September 6, 2018
Kids Theming

3D Tree Theming Timelapse

A quick time-lapse video of the 3D Tree installation at Sun Valley Community Church in Tempe, AZ

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The tree trunk has a polystyrene core reinforced internally with steel tubes and brackets. The tree was coated in polyurea (automotive bedliner) for long term durability. It was then hand painted and airbrushed to mimic the texture of tree bark.

The tree canopy is a supported by a steel tube structure anchored to the block wall and the foliage is made of printed GatorBoard, which is contour cut using our cnc router.

This custom tree was installed in their new children's building along with the full color wallpaper and PVC stand-off characters.

Group Imaging specializes in children's ministry themes and children's environments.

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