December 20, 2018
Church Stage - Sermon

Stage Sign for Ponderosa Pines - Sermon, Ministry

Here is a stage sign we did for Ponderosa Pines Christian Camp. This type of sign would be great for a stage backdrop for a church and could feature the text of your latest sermon.

The background of the sign is made from printed matte adhesive vinyl. It is intentionally a matte finish to reduce the glare of stagelights. Placement markers were printed on the adhesive vinyl for easy alignment of all the raised letters and other raised pieces. The adhesive vinyl will be placed on a plywood backer that the customer will supply.

The letters and other raised pieces were made from ½” expanded PVC (commonly known as Sintra). All the raised pieces were printed on a 4ft x8ft sheet of PVC. We then added double sided adhesive to the back of the 4ft x8ft sheet, then sent the sheet to our Multicam CNC machine where everything was cut to shape. So, each letter/shape comes out of the router as a peel & stick.

Excellent sign to capture attention of a camp or church stage backdrop.

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